Susan’s Grandchild

Susan just returned from the States after being with her grand daughter Ceci for eight weeks.  It was a bit lonely for me but grandchildren grow up so quickly so it was worth it. With my grandson, Conner Moora, now 8 months old and Susan’s Cece Irwin being 4 months old, the next generation of Sacred Land Farm, Finca Sagrada is coming along gloriously!

Susan and her grand-daughter, Cece Irwin.

Separating our cow and calf

Every night we separate Luna, our milk cow, from her calf Eclipse so we can milk her in the morning.  Most mornings she gives about one and a half gallons, which is just about right for our community. Fresh warm milk with our granola is a  wonderful way to start the day. Sometimes there is milk left over for a soft cheese.

Veronica, one of our interns, grew up on a farm in France but lost contact with her roots.  Now she enjoys the sunset stroll or chase through the pastures, surrounded by the mountains in order to separate  Eclipse from her mom.  In the process, she is remembering growing up on her parents’ farm.DSC_0022 2

Morning view

I am now sleeping in our new house on Finca Sagrada.  Most mornings I wake up before 5, just as it gets light and the birds start to sing.  This is the view from our porch and where I do the Agnihotra ceremonies at sunrise.  Now that the rains have passed the skies are often blue and the air is clean.



Cristian our partner decided he wanted to try growing rice.  The internet is so great. He did his research on how to grow it and the rice has germinated beautifully. It is probably a bit cold here for rice but nothing tried, nothing gained.  Sometimes we can be surprised at what works.

Our rice paddy with the germination bed in the foreground



Up grading our Adobe cabin

The adobe cabin that Susan and I have been living in for the last year, is getting an up grade in anticipation of a retreat for twenty five people beginning in May. We have replaced the dirt floor with hexagonal bricks which we had left over from the house, and the walls are being painted.

The three volunteers arrived just at the right time to contribute their artistic skills. Two are traveling around South America and are from France and Spain and the third is a student from  the States fulfilling college requirements.

DSC_0001 2

I wanted the walls painted using the lazure style of painting where one color can blend into the next.. They looked it up on the internet and found a beautiful wall painting that we are using as our model. It will still transform a lot from the present  painting. I think the end result will really contribute to a great living experience.