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Welcome to a glimpse into my life, homesteading in the mountains of Ecuador. You will find a mix of articles about Biodynamics and permaculture, living simply on the land in community and integrating into the local culture. Now and then I will describe my own spiritual journey, opening to the creative power of the divine feminine. Walter was born in the jungles of Borneo of Dutch parents back in 1949.  As a child I lived in Malaysia, England and New Zealand.  It was here, as an eighteen-year-old that I fell in love with the land and decided to become a Biodynamic farmer. A while later, I met a young American women, was enamored and followed her to the States, where I spent most of my adult life. Over the years, we raised a family and owned and operated various farms, producing Biodynamic cheese and bread, as well as milk.  My love was dairy cows and all they entailed. My passion was to steward the earth and raise good healthy food to the best of my ability. In addition it was always important that I help  non-farmers to connect to the land where their food was raised. Now we live in a beautiful sacred valley in the mountains of Ecuador. With my wife Susan and partners Leisha, and Cristian, we hope to homestead this farm, become self sufficient and share our joy with others. We offer day-long and short-term stays, an intern program and workshops. We are also looking for folks who would enjoy being partners, requiring investment.

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January Nature Workshop

January Nature Workshop

In January we will be hosting a six day workshop on reconnecting to the web of life and your own life purpose.  For the full program please click on We hope you can make it. ​ — Like this:Like...

Connecting to the earth

  Our good friend Clare Dakin who founded tree is a remarkable person who is finding new ways for women to work together.  Especially in regard to women of the north planting trees in the south. I have followed many of her guided meditations and they...

Fukushima Solutions.   I have finally done it. I have created a new website called  I hope you will check it out and like it. From my new website. When enough people raise their consciousness through love, prayer and sacred technology, we...
Susan’s Story About Walter

Susan’s Story About Walter

Susan’s Story About Walter When Walter told me he wanted us to buy Sacred Land Farm 5 years ago, there were no buildings, the pastures were terribly overgrown, the paths were too rough for me to negotiate at 67, the 30-minute access road was so narrow that the...
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